#SupremeRuling Martha Karua Lectures Justice Njoki Ndung’u after Delivering her Dissent Judgment

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Kirinyaga County Gubernatorial race runners up, Martha Karua has allegedly attacked Justice Njoki wa Ndung’u on twitter for her full dissenting judgment. This is following the annulling of August 8th Election that saw Uhuru Kenyatta declared president in what goes down as the most skewed elections Kenya have ever had.

Petitioner, a long serving Kenyan leader of Opposition Raila Amollo Odinga presented his evidence to the Kenyan Supreme Court SCOK challenging Kenyatta’s victory. The petition was heard and on 1st September Kenya became the first African country to annul a presidential election against the incumbent.

In the ruling, 4 judges ruled in favor of the petitioner affirming that the election was grossly build up with irregularities and legalities. Two judges however among them Justice Njoki Ndung’u dissented the majority decision. In a full ruling statement issued 21 days later Justice Ndung’u oppossed every ruling of his colleagues in a 2- hour address.

Kenyans on twitter among them Martha Karua Condemned Justice Njoki’s ignorant stand. Below are some of the reactions of Kenyans.

Martha Karua on Twitter

@CapitalFMKenya A dissenting judgment ought not be a trial of fellow judges but a treatise on why one holds a different view- differing with respect

George Kegoro on Twitter

Since they had “Njoki Ndung’u” the IEBC didn’t need a lawyer. Her tone is one of a political actor not a judge.

Breaking News KE! on Twitter

JUSTICE Njoki Ndung’u focuses her minority decision on fact that elections are ‘rights- centric’ not ‘form-centric’. #SupremeRuling

| K.I.B.E.T |🙍 on Twitter

Justice Njoki Ndung’u actually took time to verify from the evidence before making her decision. Well done Your Ladyship #SupremeRuling

Sammy Mwanyasi on Twitter

JUST IN: A Personal Doctor of CJ Chief Justice David Maraga has revealed that the man has 3 iron Balls!

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