Msando’s GHOST Joins NASA Protesters Outside Supreme Court Demos |

#SupremeRuling One was person injured, police and protesters forced to flee after bees attack them outside Supreme Court. There was tension before the bees attacked police seemingly keen on using excessive force to disperse NASA supporters who were picketing at the gates of the Supreme Court Of Kenya, Police forced to flee for safety.

One person, allegedly a beggar, was seriously injured in the commotion when Jubilee and Nasa supporters who had camped outside the Supreme Court flee for safety.

It is not clear where the bees came from although one of the protestors alleged to have seen a ghost dressed in trousers dropping the bees in the midst of the Police.

According to, the bees attacked as the Supreme Court judges delivered the full ruling that nullified August 8 presidential elections.

Before the attack, National Super Alliance supporters were shouting at police on a barricade erected on City Walk Way, just outside international house.

Word on the street is that the Late Chris Musando’s ghost is haunting his killers, its also alleged that some top political operatives are unable to sleep owing to their role in the brutal murder.

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