#RIPMsando: Three Reasons Why Chris Msando had to be killed

IEBC ICT Manager Mr. Chris Msando was found dead after being abducted for days by unknown assailants. Prior to his death, Chris had visited NTV’s AM Live show and Citizen TVs Opinion Court where he assured the public that as the ICT Manager for IEBC, he will ensure a free and fair election and that no ghost voters will get into the system. This statement alone was an enough ticket to take him to the second world where we are all heading.

Citizen TV Kenya on Twitter

Msando: These gadgets will work 100%. We have learnt from the mistakes of 2013 #OpinionCourt

Mr. Msando had a great passion and expertise in ICT especially in Data and Information Integrity and am not surprised that all his education revolves around the same. Data genuineness involves three aspects; Confidentiality, Integrity and Accuracy. Chris had accrued information system auditing skills in his previous places of work. He was determined to guard the genuineness of the information that would get into the system and crucial on deciding who will be the President of the republic of Kenya as of 9th of August.

Chris had a Master’s Degree in Strategic Management from Kenyatta University. He also had a CISA Certificate from Strathmore University (Certified Information System Auditor). All these plus his undergraduate degree in Management Information System which he got from  Murdoch University, Perth, Western Australia placed him in better place to be the guardian angel of the IEBC Information System.

Msando had internally sealed all the loop holes into the system and the political cartels were not happy. These are the three arears that he had tightly sealed and ultimately led to his death:

  1. IEBC Information System Encryption

Msando exclusively told the public through Citizen TV that they had employed the highest level of encryption in their IEBC system and that no 3rd party can intercept and decrypt the messages. This means that if trusted NASA or Jubilee Hackers studied the matrix and the encryption used day and night, they would have come up with the description key in 2018! Probably after we have had a peaceful election.

Citizen TV Kenya on Twitter

Msando: No foreign device can be introduced in the network #OpinionCourt, @AnneKiguta

Citizen TV Kenya on Twitter

Msando: We have used the highest level of encryption, so no third parties can intercept and decrypt the messages transmitted #OpinionCourt

  1. The Kit chooses on its own which results to transmit

This is funny. Msando had implemented an algorithm that made sure that only results of voters identified by the kits are transmitted. That means dead voters would have resurrected and vote but their opinion won’t be transmitted as votes.

Citizen TV Kenya on Twitter

Msando: Only results of those voters identified by this kit will be electronically transmitted #OpinionCourt


  1. Attempting to vote for a second time makes the system play an alarm and display a red circle on screen.

This was to curb human voters from voting more than once. If you go for a second time and place your finger print for identification the system would make a lot of noise such that the deaf would have heard.

Citizen TV Kenya on Twitter

Msando: If an individual attempts to vote twice, the system displays a warning message (as circled) and an alarm tone #OpinionCourt


With these three seals, Mr. Msando had locked out the 1.2 Million Votes that were printed in excess, locked out our ancestors who occasionally resurface to vote with us and notable locked out other worthy citizens who are fit to vote more than once.


As confirmed by Wafula Chebukati, the chair of IEBC, Chris’ body showed signs that he had been severely tortured before succumbing to death. This can only mean that his kidnappers had time to have a sober conversation with him first before prickling his blood flesh after flesh until our hero was no more. Probably he was asked to choose between his life and democracy and Chris chose the latter.


2 Samuel 14:14

14 Like water spilled on the ground, which cannot be recovered, so we must die. But that is not what God desires; rather, he devises ways so that a banished person does not remain banished from him.



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