Youthful Political Analyst sends a letter to NASA Presidential Candidate.

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By: Geoffrey Muturi

Somebody tell Baba Joshua, that politics is all about creative strategies, that draw the attention of the people and instill hope for the future in the hearts of the people. This is lacking in the NASA campaigning team of strategists. It seems these campaign organizers are out for their selfish gains and not winning the presidency back to the people. I am disappointed by how they organised their campaigns. I am giving few advice on how they ought to be played, so whoever is closer to Joshua or any NASA campaign team and happen to see this, inform them please…!

NASA Co-Principals at a Past Event

1. Capture the media attention by carrying out massive live campaigns. This will reawaken the spirit of voters and and increase enthusiasm.

2. Prepare what to say in advance. Well crafted speeches that capture the attention of everyone across the political divide shall neutralize the support base of Jubilee.

3. Issues and issues. Tell an issue and recommend its solution immediately. Those issues which scares away other tribes should be scrapped away immediately.

4. Always preach winning confidence and not rigging fears.

5. Copy and paste Trump’s exponential political campaigns. Then we shall march all the way to state house


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