Safaricom scraps off all M-PESA Charges for Peer to Peer Money Sending

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Mobile Money transfer giants – Safaricom were yesterday brought back to humility after their core services went down for hours. This was perceived as a shock to her 25 million plus active Kenyan subscribers who have invested much trust on the initially tele-communication company turned jack of all trades.

Safaricom Limited has proved to be the dominant leader of Mobile financial services in Kenya and a global leader of all the Vodafone companies.  All financial institutions in Kenya have since then incorporated the use of Safaricom Lipa na Mpesa module which allows users to comfortably make purchases at their comfort. This translates to its network infrastructure the second backbone of Kenya’s economy after Agriculture.

MPesa Agents Flooding Kenyan Market

According to Safaricom’s Network Assurance guys there was an interruption during routing of IS_IS carried on the MPLS (Multiple Packet Layer Switching) domain that affected the RSP in the process leading to CSDB failure. Failure of CSDB means no authentication of any service request leading to outage of all services.

Ignore the acronyms for now the good news is that the CEO is back and with a token to all Safaricom M-PESA users.  In a statement, he has announced that there will be zero transactions Charges for all Person to Person transactions done on 26/04/2017 for all the 24hrs.

“Following yesterday’s system outage affecting a number of core services on our network, I am pleased to announce that all services are now fully restored.

We had two traffic outlets which failed rapidly one after the other. In response, as a priority, the team very quickly started operating the affected functions from our redundant equipment in order to restore services.

Although most customers could call, text and use data by noon and MPESA by late Afternoon yesterday, this work came to an end this morning. We are now working to ensure that network stability continues.

I truly appreciate our customer’s patient and understanding as we worked to restore the issue and sincerely thank you for staying connected to Safaricom.

As a small gesture, from midnight tonight to midnight tomorrow, all our customers will be able to send money on the MPESA Network for free.

Once again, we would like to apologize for all the inconvenience caused. Thank You for staying in our network.”

The Statement Excerpt

Bob Collymore was quoted on a Position Statement.

We will delve with more details.

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