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Immediately we said the Grace prayers, I was among the first batch of worshipers to step out of church. I had unknowingly joined the type of people who go to church late and rush to leave, which is mostly identified as a phase in a backsliding Christian. God forbid! That’s not me! My confidence had been renewed by the powerful sermon and I was now ready to face the week ahead. There is that courage one has after they are just from being preached to. You feel like calling all temptations to come on your way and try you.

NB: If you missed out part One Kindly Read it first to connect with this continuation…

That Sunday I had left my phone at my crib deliberately to avoid deterring my attention during service.  I had already walked several miles from church when I finally got to the busy suburb of my neighborhood. It’s usually a ten minutes’ drive from Nairobi CBD during off peak hours.  Four lanes highway passes through this town and a passenger’s fly over bridge had to be erected making it look like crossroads. There is a huge market on top of the fly over and a car fuelling station just after you are done crossing. Businesses are all over spread at the crossroads and in the climbing lanes that connect the highway to the footbridge. Hawkers usually have daily voice competitions on who can call buyers with the loudest tone. The winner gets most buyers.

There was a light-shower rain that gave the road a glowing shiny look.   The weather was chilly and everyone was on a hood with their hands tucked into their pull over’s pockets. As I was ascending down the climbing lane, there is this chic who captured my attention. She was coming towards me heading the opposite direction. The way she was dressed, she would have captured even a Catholic pope’s attention. She was on a descent white mini dress that was somewhere at the middle of her knees. The dress would involuntarily usher you to have a look at her legs too. I had never seen legs before. J  From the knees where the dress had stopped, it looks like there was a continuation of thighs! Sighs! They were equally brown and one could tell how soft they would feel like. To make it more interesting, she complimented her dress with a pair of blue sandals and some black socks! I mean who does that? Sema temptations! I told myself.


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