Meet the Coast MP who have been in power for two decades without any Single Manifesto.

You might have thought that being a Member of Parliament for any Constituency in Kenya is a very hectic ambition whose sacrifice can include a possible political assassination. Your thoughts are right! However, things are a bit different for Kinango Constituency in Kwale County. Despite the county enjoying a steamy political temperatures and a national spotlight of late, one of its four Constituencies namely Kinango have had a one figure fatigue Member of Parliament for a whooping two decades.  Ridiculous!

Hon. Samuel Gonzi Rai – 4 Terms MP for Kinango Constituency

Samuel (read as Samir) Gonzi Rai is the incumbent Member of Parliament for Kinango Constituency. Little is known about him and this is his main tool. He only resurfaces the last year of every tenure for campaigns with renewed set of promises. He has never been on your average TV Station or heard on any radio station. He keeps his profile low and concentrates on amassing his wealth. His electorates are always loyal and have been returning him to power for five terms now. Seriously, but who are his electorates?


Kinango is majorly populated by the Duruma ethnic sub tribe of the broader Coastal Mijikenda. This community have largely been looked down and tagged as being the most ignorant of all the Kayas. This stereotype is ascertained by the ridiculous re-election of their incumbent Member of Parliament whose developments projects spread over the 20 years he has been in parliament, amounts to an empty array.

Samuel Gonzi Rai as the MP for Kinango Constituency have served in this capacity from 1992. It is only in 1997 when he was edged out from the seat by Simeon Mwero Mkalla. This translates his wins and ruling terms into four. In 1992 he vied and won on a KANU ticket, in 2002 and 2007, he vied and won on a FORD people ticket and in 2013 he vied and won on a TNA party ticket. He has now resurfaced again and he is on the ground for 2018 re-election bid on a Jubilee Ticket.

Mazeras Primary School -Opposition Campaigns attempting to End Rai’s Rule

Educational Background.                                                                                                         

Details missing! Gonzi has no any adorable educational threshold, not for a Member of Parliament. His educational and professional background is based on rumors and has no any authenticity. It is believed that until his first election into parliament in 1992, he was just a form two high school dropout. His first job was vending newspapers and later he became an office messenger for an Asian Law Firm.  As an office messenger and an assistant, he exhibited his leadership traits by helping Samburu ward residents in addressing their court cases using his employer firm. He was later elected as a Counselor for Samburu/Chengoni ward in 1987 and in 1992 elected MP for the broader Kinango Constituency.

He later went back to Kwale High School to complete his O level education where he screwed cumulative E grades just like his Likoni Constituency counterpart Mwalimu Masoud Mwahima. His highest legit level of education is a Diploma in Theology (religious studies) which sources say that he was taught mostly in Swahili and majored in Christianity and Islam. He can’t therefore complete a three minute speech without quoting a Bible or a Qur’an scripture as this is the only thing in his head stored as formal education.


His Ruling and developments

Gonzi is a laughing stock. No! Correction; the electorates of Kinango are a funny laughing stock! Huhuhu! And Gonzi knows this quite well. His ruling since 1992 have been based on two concepts; Capitalize on the people’s ignorance. Never enlighten anyone. He has made sure that no one rises above him during all the years he has been in power. As a result Kinango has the highest rate of illiteracy in Kwale County thanks to muheshimu miwa. Since he has minute education, he made sure the same is translated into his subjects. He popped up several village-based secondary schools using minimized CDF budgets in the hope that the sons and daughters of his poor subjects will go through them and come out empty headed. His trick worked! You won’t be surprised to find a secondary school in Kinango Constituency with three TSC registered teachers and a multitude of Form Four poor performers masquerading as B.O.G teachers. There is usually no any improvements once the buildings are erected, no laboratories or libraries. Trust me some students there have no idea what a Bunsen burner looks like! I was in the ground and I almost fainted thank God I had carried some mineral water with me. J

Yapha Residents in January 26 Scrambling for water from the Kwale County Government

Talking of water, residents have been quenching their thirst from dams and rivers since ancient times. There is no a mitigation plan to alternative source of water despite the presence of a huge dam located in one of its center ward that has enough volumes of water to last for seasons. During dry seasons Kinango turns out to be one hell of a desert. The MP authorized residence to take advantage of the booming charcoal business by cutting down trees and residents took it as a developmental agenda. HoorayJ!

In case you have no idea where the hell Kinango is located you don’t need to open your google map app. I’m about to give you some really helpful hints. So you’re on your way from Voi Town in Taita-Taveta heading to Mombasa City or maybe vice versa. Wait! You should have noticed those small mud thatched houses with malnourished looking people that looks like a scene from ‘The gods Must Be Crazy’.  You should also have noticed that there is no single tree standing. Now that is Kinango Constituency! The lack of trees standing can be best explained by the thousands of Charcoal Sacks that are beside the Highway in both sides. Finally when you get to a point where there are very many piles of Charcoal Sacks piled and piled, now that is the MP’s home ward. He actually encourages his people to tap into this lucrative Charcoal Business. This guy is a self-made genius!! Diving in for an hour plus journey is Kinango town-the constituency headquarters. It has a regulated supply of water from Marere- a nearby natural water spring and river. There is no single inch of tarmacked road (talking about this road issue it’s a nuisance how it’s being politicized). My friend, it’s so rough down there to the extent every time I’ve been travelling home I have always wanted to grow up to get to write about this shit!!

Gonzi listed as first “Mbuge Bubu” in Taifa Leo               from Mzalendo                                               Watch Forum

The Mzalendo Trust released a list of the active and lazy MPs in Parliament since 2015. Mr. Gonzi Rai was listed as a repeat offender of the laziness in parliament crime. The Mzalendo Trust claimed that five MPs had never given any speech on the floor of the House in parliament. Samuel Gonzi Rai was one of them. He was Assistant Minister of Lands in the Kibaki Cabinet between 2008 and 2013. He had been promised the Ministry of Lands position since Kibaki had few legislators in his last term as President but he declined it citing his zero educational history. It was given to Senior Counsel James Orengo and he became the Assistant. He did nothing with the position. Hitherto, Kinango is classified as a ranch even after producing an Assistant Minister for land! Puh!! I won’t comment about the Mwamdudu land grabbing menace just yet and the possibly full stop on the future of the upcoming generation. Among other positions he held un-noticed are vice-chairman of Ford People and being a Member of Departmental Committee on Defense and Foreign Relations in the National Assembly since 2013.

Kinango has educated fellas in equal measures too who are mainly products of their peasant parents and well-wisher organizations’ commitment. Most of them have however shied away from political limelight citing the incumbent’s use of juju despite his theological anchorage. What a stupid excuse? I personally know of scholars with PhDs, Masters, Degrees, Diplomas and several certifications who would go for the MCA position rather than that of Member of Parliament.

He has never had any single Manifesto. He attends almost all the funerals and burials in his constituency but won’t set a foot in any harambee gathering aimed at raising funds to take a poor child to school. As much as I respect other people’s opinions, some part of my tolerance fades away every time someone shouts “Gonzi Kahiri ta pindi!” I feel like plucking their heart out of their lifeless bodies and empty heads!  So I’m really embarrassed that Last week some self-pronounced ‘Kaya elders’ met to organize a plan of endorsing Mr. Rai for a Fifth Term! What the Hell? Ndahukana athumia mimi! Or alternatively, I quit writing.


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