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There had been a light shower rain at the Capital City of Kenya, Nairobi. The weather was chilly and everyone was on a hood with their hands faithfully tucked into the deepest inch of their pull over’s pockets. It was Sunday afternoon, the second day of April. Having my ancestral roots at the Kenyan Coast I had only been to the city in a handful visits where friends had accommodated me. But this April was quite different; I was done with my Campus course work, waiting for an unconfirmed graduation date mid-year. I had luckily enough, through a rigorous selective process, got into a paid industrial internship with Africa’s giant Tele-communication Company, Safaricom. Life had begun taking Utopian scenes. I had my own place at the City and I would often hangout at expensive joints like Galleria Mall. What an achievement!?  🙂

Mama had always told me that the fear of God is what can keep a man from doing evil even when no one is watching. This line must have embedded itself deeper into my subconscious’ mother board. This particular Sunday I had to run all the Goodman 101 codes. According to this mama-given code, good men are only those who have enough time with God. It’s an Amen from me, with my personal life as a case study, I couldn’t agree no more.  I shot to church just right away while meditating on so much spiritual staff.

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The service was brief. The main sermon was eluded from the books of Leviticus and Genesis. I had no notebook so I can’t delve into the specific chapters however the Genesis reading was about the fourth day of creation where God made day and night. The preacher’s revelation was that this being April- a fourth month, it can be contrasted to the fourth day of creation so our Lord have commanded a clear distinct of day and night in our lives. Having my lineage from a faded dark background somewhere from South Coast, I took this word as mine.  True to the preacher’s sermon just before the day ended, my light came shining; guess what?  I met a Ministers daughter!


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