Kikuyu Constituency Ferries students to China to Study Railway Engineering Fields.

Eyes off! The Standard Gauge Railway is here and as expected it will create several employment opportunities. Since it is a national project, employments are therefore expected to be evenly distributed as a way of sharing the National Cake.

However this is not the case as we cannot trade our Security for equality.  Only competitive individuals who have expertise will benefit the top managerial and supervision jobs. As usual a half a decade from now, there will be wrangles on the Standard Gauge Railway appointments and job allocation.

A visionary Member of Parliament aspirant for Kikuyu Constituency have foreseen this and decided to seek ways to send students in his Constituency to study Railway engineering fields. This is in an attempt to make his youths employable more specific with the Standard Gauge Railway. The scholarship is fully catered by the CBRC Company and is training on Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. Requirements? Only a KCSE B Plain Mean grade with the same in Mathematics and Physics.



Last evening, family and friends of Kelvin Kabera from Nachu escorted the young man to JKIA on his way to China on a full scholarship to study Engineering. This is part of the benefits we have managed to secure from the SGR project in our constituency and more so in Nachu ward where the project passes through.

This young man and the family never imagined such an opportunity would ever knock at their door. We made it possible in our endeavor to offer equal empowerment opportunities to all as promised in my 2013 Manifesto.

Congratulations and Kwaheri Kevin Kabera. Last week during his send off prayers at his church, i told him to be a good ambassador not just for Nachu, Kikuyu Constituency but also for our Nation Kenya. I also take this opportunity to encourage all our people to grasp any opportunities whenever they emerge. We continue Transforming Kikuyu and Changing Lives.” Shared Kimani Ichung’wah.

Kimani Ichung’wah shares

Eyes on! Welcome back to Pwani, can authoritative observe that youths are benefiting from their leaders’ lack of vision. Despite the railway maneuvering its way across Mombasa, Kwale, Kilifi and Taita Taveta Counties there is no any MP, MCA or governor who have taken it to their task to equip the next generation with these important skills. The point is making them employable, not looking for jobs for them.

In future, do not be surprised if you see leaders parading their subjects to a demonstration. Reason; they have taken all our Railway jobs. It’s about to time to change this mentality! Share this article to the timeline of your leader. They need to feel ashamed and organize platforms to share such vital scholarships opportunities!




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