You will now Do Shopping Without going through Cashiers Thanks to Amazon Go!

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Computing is proving to be a more evolving field than the actual technology trends and analytics. Month after a month an exciting field is born and now you will do shopping without going through cashiers thanks to AmazonGo solution.

Amazon is a pioneer and leader in E-Commerce where smart devices users can check in, browse through products, add to cart and have them delivered in their shipping addresses they provide in check out. Several e-commerce solutions have sprout out and each have its own customized ways of keeping their customer base and increasing their CeM (Customer Experience management).

Amazon have come up with a new product named AmazonGo which is a Disruptive solution that will change the way of doing things and E-Commerce for that matter. You will now be able to enter in a mall, go straight to the shelves, and take all the products you like and just walk out of the mall without passing through the cashier check out. What the Hell?

This is how the Amazon Go will work. First, you need to have the Amazon Go app installed in your phone. Your credit or debit account is linked to the app in your phone. When you do shopping, the app automatically synchronizes the items you are picking by interpreting the bar codes in the products. For your information, the bar codes in the products usual contains product name, quantity, price and other details.

Product Bar Code Details

These details are automatically added to your virtual shopping cart after which you just use your app to check out. The total amount is then debited from your account. No cashiers queue hassles or tussles.  This is a miracle, right?

At least thousands Cashiers are likely to lose their jobs this year since Its adoption is early 2017 which means it will be with us sooner than July, 2017. Watch the video below and get a hint of how AmazonGo will work.

Today I won’t delve deep into how this solution makes use of a Conglomeration of technology domains. I will instead pin point you the fields that made this possible and you will have to co-relate.

  1. Big data technology
  2. Internet of Things
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Web Services

Now Amazon Go is much of a legacy solution than a competitive advantage for Amazon. So by Implication Amazon is likely to provide this Solution to Malls and stores. Lets all wait and see as i can bet the Two Rivers Mall will be the first to adopt AmazonGo in Kenya.

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